3 star review  It’s interesting but not as much as I had hoped it to be. The 3 characters are as shown in the promo video. Cocktails are ok with the Mad Hatter’s being the most interesting. it is a very tight squeeze for the one we were at (Friday 8pm we had 30 people in the group). For what we got and the price paid? I was mostly entertained but not sure I feel satisfied.

    thumb Carol Tsang

    5 star review  I wish there was more interactive/creative events like this to go to! The actors played their characters well, the drinks were strong (I appreciate they weren’t watered down or tasted like they used anything cheap), and the environment was decorated well for a small environment! Definitely recommend 🙂

    thumb Joan Fedele

    5 star review  Amazing experience! The actors are incredible, the drinks are inventive, and the atmosphere is perfect for unwinding and breaking the ice with friends.

    thumb Connor Myers

    5 star review  Went on a date w my girlfriend.... It was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed it. We def should have eaten before cause we left pretty buzzed. Would totally recommend it.

    thumb Lina Nadya Lanovoi

    5 star review  Really fun and you get drunk. The characters are so good at hosting the drunkenness.

    thumb Douglas Sharf

    5 star review  Absolute madness. Great fun and a unique experience in NYC!

    thumb Jack Ellis

    5 star review  So much fun! The drinks were strong, the acting was great and the snacks were a nice touch to make it that more enjoyable. Bravo

    thumb Johnathan Oshodi

    5 star review  I must say, I'm a very hard person to please and I'm very picky of where to spend money. This event was exciting and creative, a pleasant surprise. It surpassed any idea I had in mind for it. The drink ideas were well put together, the finger foods were tasty and kept coming. Never a dull moment with the actors who kept my attention the entire time, so much that I forgot my phone at times and took only a few pictures. I plan on going again with more friends 💓 5 stars; would definitely follow this crew for more events in the future.

    thumb Kayla Richards

    5 star review  SO FUN! I’m the biggest Alice in Wonderland fan...every version I’m in. This experience brought the drinks, the laughs and the eyebrow raises. I’d do this every weekend!!!

    thumb Erica Bowman

    5 star review  I love this idea I never had so much fun in my life yay mad hatters!

    thumb Waldo Pepper