Party like you’re lost in Wonderland!

The Mad Hatter has done it again! After unleashing teatime mayhem in the Big Apple, The Mad Hatter has set his sights on bringing a taste of Wonderland to the West Coast. Los Angeles, prepare to go mad at one of the Hatter’s boozy tea parties!

Begin your journey down the rabbit hole by stepping aboard the Hatter’s vintage double-decker bus and let your mad hosts guide you through concocting a selection of tantalizing tea party cocktails made with the most curious ingredients. Do remember — if you don’t know where you are going, then it doesn’t much matter which way you go… Just be sure that you’re not late!

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  • A 2 hour Experience
  • The Mad Hatters G&T Party offers guests a chance to take a trip down the rabbit hole and into a mad tea party hosted by the Hatter himself
  • Get started with a refreshing Pimm’s Cup as your introductory cocktail, and then create 3 crazy molecular cocktails in this mad tea party. All taking place inside a cottage perched on top of a double-decker bus.


Whilst every trip with The Mad Hatter’s G&T Party is guaranteed to involve an immersive journey to Wonderland, the Hatter does of course oblige extra special guests with whatever so should make their experience extra special. This includes but is not limited to the following:
• Alcoholic drink packages – Everything from a bucket of beers, all the way up to champagne service, or bespoke molecular cock-tails crafted in-house by our mixologists.
• Catering packages – We are able to cater directly with our partner venue. We are also exible and have a great network of preferred caterers in a wide variety of cuisines and specialities.
• Bespoke narrative changes – Would you like something special added to the story during your trip down the rabbit hole? Let us
Curious for more detail? Email us at: madhatterbuslax@feverup.com

    5 star review  I loved the experience. It was something different and the characters was very entertaining. Small space but they made it work. Only thing I didn't care for was the drinks really but that's only because I don't care for gin. Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Nina Page

    Absolutely spectacular! I was excited but had no clue it would be one of the best experiences, ever! Sooooooooo much fun!!!

    thumb Leigh Anne O'Malley

    Fun night out with friends.

    thumb Naresa Guevara

    My best friend and I went to the Mad Hatters Tea Party last night and LOVED IT! We went to the 10pm "show" and had so much fun. The decor was whimsical, and the actors were great! You really do feel like you are inside wonderland. The only thing I would say could have been better were the drinks. Two of them tasted very sour but other than that I definitely recommend taking a trip to Wonderland!

    thumb Kaitlyn Johnson

    Definitely a place to socialize and drink.

    thumb Maritza Rodriguez

    We ABSOLUTELY LOVED this!!!! Our group was amazing,(Saturday 6pm)the mad hatter was my favorite!

    thumb Dominique Newman

    We LOVED this party... and will do it again 😀 it was SO much fun, and the drinks were really good too 😀

    thumb Sara Sisco

    5 star review  I love this idea I never had so much fun in my life yay mad hatters!

    thumb Waldo Pepper

    3 star review  It’s interesting but not as much as I had hoped it to be. The 3 characters are as shown in the promo video. Cocktails are ok with the Mad Hatter’s being the most interesting. it is a very tight squeeze for the one we were at (Friday 8pm we had 30 people in the group). For what we got and the price paid? I was mostly entertained but not sure I feel satisfied.

    thumb Carol Tsang

    So much fun!!!! Come and have some cocktails!!

    thumb Barry Brown

    I recommend The Mad Hatters G&T Party 🎈 We had a wonderful time.

    thumb Tasheka Kearns

    5 star review  SO FUN! I’m the biggest Alice in Wonderland fan...every version I’m in. This experience brought the drinks, the laughs and the eyebrow raises. I’d do this every weekend!!!

    thumb Erica Bowman

    5 star review  Took my best friend for her unbirthday last night and it was absolutely amazing! The hosts are so fun and funny and really make the entire event that much more enjoyable. We got tons of good drinks and had the opportunity to learn how they’re made as well as teatime refreshments. Totally worth the money and I would 100% go back again!

    thumb Brittany Speer

    5 star review  Really fun and you get drunk. The characters are so good at hosting the drunkenness.

    thumb Douglas Sharf

    It was a really good time! I recommend this to anyone who likes Allison wonderland! Was done very well definitely worth checking out!

    thumb Tina Viola

    This place was so much fun and I would recommend this spot to anyone who is looking for a fun night out with the girls or a group of people. Lots of laughs and yes, you may leave there tipsy, but it’s worth every dime.

    thumb Nicole Nikki Gatling

    5 star review  Went on a date w my girlfriend.... It was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed it. We def should have eaten before cause we left pretty buzzed. Would totally recommend it.

    thumb Lina Nadya Lanovoi

    Had such great time each character brought their A game drinks were so good I laughed so much I’m glad had the experience ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    thumb Heather Melissa

    5 star review  I must say, I'm a very hard person to please and I'm very picky of where to spend money. This event was exciting and creative, a pleasant surprise. It surpassed any idea I had in mind for it. The drink ideas were well put together, the finger foods were tasty and kept coming. Never a dull moment with the actors who kept my attention the entire time, so much that I forgot my phone at times and took only a few pictures. I plan on going again with more friends 💓 5 stars; would definitely follow this crew for more events in the future.

    thumb Kayla Richards

    Such a fun experience! Games, jokes, toasts and magical cocktails on the absolute **swankiest** bus I've ever been on 😍 A MILLION STARS! DO IT!

    thumb Michelle Arko

    It was different, not worth the $60 price. The actors or whatever you call them were ok I think it shoulda been more staged, costumes shoulda been more realistic they didn’t have a set story line either. The drinks were ok but served in tea cups which was fine but small. The bus was cute but could have been done up a little more. The staff was nice but the rotating getting up was a hassle i feel like they actors should have switched & not made the guest do such shifting. The convos were weak & mostly sexual which was awkward. I wouldn’t recommend this unless it was $30-40.

    thumb Jennifer Jaclyn

    Actors were excellent. So much fun! Foods and beverages were amazing!

    thumb Bob Acampora

    Not what I expected at all! The price was too high for weak drinks and a tip was suggested at the end!! The Mad Hatter was the best but the bus was dirty, there was a lack of decor and entertainment! Will not participate in another fever event!!!!

    thumb Michelle Rivera

    It was an awesome time and the actors were upright Citizens brigade status good. Thanks for housing us! My girlfriend is allergic to avocados and they changed things just for her which was really nice and great

    thumb Gregorio Pricoli

    This was so much fun! Cocktails/laughter🥃. If you are an Alice in Wonderland fan I highly recommend. #madhattersteapartygonemad

    thumb Simone Hayes

    A mad experience in a mad world

    thumb Justin Hall

    5 star review  Absolute madness. Great fun and a unique experience in NYC!

    thumb Jack Ellis

    My cousins, fiancé and I had the best time here. 10000% worth the money, the drinks were interesting, it was fun, interactive, Hatter, March Hare & Doormouse were hysterical & I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Currently trying to rally up another group together just so I can go again.

    thumb Arifa Yvonne

    5 star review  I wish there was more interactive/creative events like this to go to! The actors played their characters well, the drinks were strong (I appreciate they weren’t watered down or tasted like they used anything cheap), and the environment was decorated well for a small environment! Definitely recommend 🙂

    thumb Joan Fedele

    I had a ton of fun! Go spend some pennies in Wonderland.

    thumb Crystina Williams

    Such a fun experience. I loved the Hatter and Marchair!! The drinks were delicious.

    thumb Alexa Reyes

    We had so much fun !! Talking about coming again . Thank you got a great time lots of laughs and great drinks

    thumb Gina Russo

    sex drugs and rock and roll

    thumb Maria Rosa

    AH-MAZING time! Highly highly recommended

    thumb Victoria Sharvin

    organized chaos. the drinks were amazing. 8/10. highly recommend

    thumb Step Han

    5 star review  So much fun! The drinks were strong, the acting was great and the snacks were a nice touch to make it that more enjoyable. Bravo

    thumb Johnathan Oshodi

    Loved it...amazing fun , hospitality, and strangers who become friends!!

    thumb Savita Thackurdeen

    Actors were amazing cocktails were delicious it was such a great night totally worth the money

    thumb Marisa Rowe

    5 star review  Amazing experience! The actors are incredible, the drinks are inventive, and the atmosphere is perfect for unwinding and breaking the ice with friends.

    thumb Connor Myers